Microprocessor Fire Sprinkler System

1983 Florida Institute of Technology Senior Project

Front View with Door Closed

The project used four dishwasher valves shown on the bottom.


Door Open

Inside was a +5 VDC power supply that supplied current to the electronics (including external LEDs)

Printed circuit board close-up)

The components included a 6502 CPU, IO, RAM, ROM, A/D converter, Multiplexer, and I/O drivers.


External +5 VDC relays that controlled +115V AC

Warning Sensors

Smoke detector, three LEDs (Red, Yellow, & Green), and 2 of 4 thermistors (top).


The three valves were fed from a single pipe. Note the four dishwasher valves were connected to the pipe.

Shown above is my 1982/3 senior project.  It consisted of four thermistors (used to measure heat),
four 115VAC relays (controlled by +5VDC), three LEDs, a smoke detector, a +5VDC power supply
and an embedded controller (developed from scratch).

Today, typical access control systems integrate in a number of sensors and controls (including
smoke and fire).  As the PIV cards are deployed along with the access controls systems, its
good to have expertise that can address technology issues at any level.