Source Code Examples

Much has been said about the Federal Agency Smart Credential - NUMBER (FASC-N).  To help remove some of the mystery, a reference implementation fascn, is provided.  This first program, written in C, provides the output that can be used to verify the example shown in the "Technical Implementation Guidance: Smart Card Enabled Physical Access Control Systems."


In the second example fascn2, a list of 100 25-byte binary FASC-N values are generated in a file "FASC-N.bin" with a carriage return and line feed separating each.

The third example fascn3 produces a file with the Agency Code, Credential Number, Personal Identification, and a Hex FASC-N.  The fields are separated by one space and can be imported to a spreadsheet or other application.  The file name is the Agency Code with the Credential Number concatenated. The extension is ".txt".